Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Look back at 2005

Too much to mention here but the year began with the departure of the young man of the family to the People's Republic of China, a significant and unfinished chapter in family history, and it ended with a pair of his Timberlands in transit to him in Guandong province, courtesy of DHL. Go well son.

In April a visit with my mother to a small Commonwealth war graveyard near Lyons to see the final resting place of her cousin Ronald and the other members of his Lancaster crew; some of the many who made the ultimate sacrifice in the war against fascism.

On a lighter note, In August there was a great trip to Northumberland with dear friends, which, by fortuitous happenstance, took in a match at St James Park :

Go there daughter, forget that Chelsea aberration.

followed by a delightful exhibition in Edinburgh:

A trip to New York City in October was a memorable one.

The NYPD Museum at 100 Old Slip near the waterfront in Downtown Manhattan was a little gem; with some moving and haunting exhibits from 9/11 such as this:

and sadly:

Grandpa Agor RIP.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blizzard ruins Charlton's trip to North-East

picture from Newcastle Evening Chronicle

Snow affected the eastern fringes of the UK yesterday including Tyneside where hardy Charlton fans, who had travelled 300 miles to see their team play Newcastle, were unhappy when their match against the Geordies was abandoned because of the weather: The match was not the only thing abandoned in Newcastle; my friends' Italian sports car was snowed in forcing them to return to Edinburgh on the train.,1563,1674754,00.html