Sunday, September 03, 2006

A recent sojourn in Gascony

two weeks at the end of August spent with delightful company in a quiet corner of France.

the sign for the local village, Castelnau Magnoac.

the morning view

religious tat in a Lourdes shop window

sunflowers near Tillac

This part of Gascony has many roadside memorials to local Resistance fighters, and Castlenau Magnoac is home to a national memorial which pays homage to the irregular fighting force, made up of members of the Resistance and known as the Pommies who were organized by, and named after, General Andre Pommies who was also a member of the Maquis. 511 members of the Pommies died in the fight against Nazi Germany between D-Day and the Armistice.

There is also a small Pommies museum in the village next to the bar/cafe Le Memory (see photo below; click to enlarge)..