Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Susan Deborah said...

Lovely, by Jove. Goodness dear, your pictures and titles are cherry-picked.

Glad to stumble by today. It's very true that one picture can speak for a thousand words :)

Joy always,

this too will pass said...

Susan, am delighted, thank you, Charles

Scooter said...

This composition needs to be on a wall in a museum. It is rich, deep and very, very profound for me. The depth of the picture, what is not seen between the figures speaks as loudly as the figures themselves. Amazing composition. I am deeply moved by this photograph thank you seems highly inadequate but thank you nonetheless for sharing your incredibly amazing eye and vision with me(this picture allows me to personalize it) ASTONISHING! SIMPLY BRILLIANT!!

this too will pass said...

Scooter, many thanks for your very generous comments but it is the sculptor, the late Juan Munoz, who deserves all the credit for this special group of sculptures; please see my other blog here: http://newcastleandnorthumberlanddailyphoto.blogspot.com/2010/07/conversation-piece.html