Tuesday, January 27, 2009

gone with the wind


This is a recent view of Tyneside's once famous industrial skyline at the Swan Hunter's shipyard, where cranes are being dismantled and shipped to India.

This depressing example of Tyneside's and the UK's industrial decline is balanced by recent news that American firm Clipper Windpower is planning to build a factory in Newcastle which would generate at least 500 jobs.The California-based firm aim to secure contracts to manufacture off-shore wind farms for the North Sea.

The UK has overtaken Denmark as the largest offshore wind energy generator in the world and within five years is expected to outstrip nuclear energy in terms of generating capacity.


B said...

Wow - I had no idea about that. Great pic too.

Steve Lancaster said...

Yes, lovely pic. Sadness and hope and dignity above all.

...And great if Britain can develop its sustainable energy industries too, I reckon.

Dominique said...

Strange. I like it.